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Meet the Swim Team

Yulia Parker RusalkaP


Children's Swim Teacher; Adult and Child Swim Teacher;  Adult Swim Teacher; Rookie Lifeguard Teacher and Aqua Aerobics Teacher

As you will read on our About page  'Rusalka' is Russian for 'Mermaid' and there could not be a more apt description for Yulia, founder and head of the teaching programme here at Rusalka Swim School.

Away from swimming, with what precious small amount of  time this permits, she loves to travel with her family, but only to warm places with lovely beaches where they all really enjoy snorkelling and viewing colourful reef marine life.  She is also a very keen tennis  player  and does admit to being fond of French and Italian cuisine, including their wines, as well.

All swimming tuition at Rusalka is planned, conducted and overseen by Yulia. She is a former International swimmer and holds a Master's Degree in Sport Science, with a total specialisation in swimming. She is a highly respected ASA Swimming Teacher with some 25 years experience of teaching children and babies to swim,  she is also a qualified ASA Tutor (i.e. a teacher of swimming teachers), she's a Fellow of the Institute of Swimming,  a fully qualified ASA Club Coach plus she also holds Speedo Shallow and Deep Water Aqua Fitness certifications.

Naturally, she, as with all of our teachers,  is fully CRB (police) checked for working with young children.  
Oh and she was also a well photographed underwater model for many International swimwear companies, for several years, too !



Children's Swim Teacher; Adult and Child Swim Teacher;  Adult Swim Teacher; Rookie Lifeguard Teacher and Aqua Aerobics Teacher

A former competitive swimmer at Club, County and Masters Levels and having taught now for over sixteen years,  Bekki brings a wealth of swimming experience and knowledge to the team, along with her tremendous enthusiasm for teaching children and also babies to swim.

A while ago, she started competing again but, this time, it's in the tough, cold, 'murky water' world of Open Water Swimming ! And she is FAR too young for it to be a mid-life crisis ! Proving just how seriously Bekki takes things though, we were so very proud to see her achieve one of her swimming dreams, during 2017 and 2018, by being part of a successful five girl relay team to conquer the English Channel !

Bekki has an Hons Degree in Sociology, along with her various Swimming Teaching Qualifications which include ASA Level 1 and ASA Level 2 Swimming Teaching Certificates plus ASA Adult and Child Certification, Speedo Deep Water Aqua-Aerobics certification and her RLSS Rescue Certification. As with everyone here, Bekki is a Member of the Institute of Swimming and is fully CRB checked and approved.



Adult and Child Swim Teacher

Another much valued member of  our elite Swim Team is Sarah, our most experienced Adult and Child Teacher and one who has introduced so many  local Babies, along with their parents, to the wonderful world of swimming over the paste twenty three years.

Although she has taught older children and even adults, to learn to swim,  her real passion is teaching young babies where she has always received such personal satisfaction in watching them progress and then soon developing into super little swimmers.

The highlight for her is always in seeing the happiness on parents'  faces as they share such a unique experience with their little ones, culminating in such pride and joy when they see them swimming for the first time independently. Away from the pool Sarah and her lovely husband Tony ( she asked us to ensure we included that bit ! ) have three boys,  the eldest is currently studying Art at a local college whilst the youngest two are still at school and football fanatics ! 

Consequently, Sarah and Tony spend much of their weekends on various football pitch sidelines cheering the boys on !   Sarah holds ASA Level 1, ASA Level 2, and ASA Adult and Child Certification, she's a Member of the Institute of Swimming and is fully CRB checked.



Children's Swim Teacher; Adult and Child Swim Teacher

Although the youngest of our Swim Team, Stacey has been a water baby, with a total love for swimming, for as long as she can remember.

She competed at Club Level before taking up Synchronised Swimming which she admits to enjoying the most ! 

Apart from her swimming Stacey loves horse riding at least three times a week and is also an avid bookworm, often seen with her head deep into a book whilst waiting to start her swimming teaching. On average, she reads a new book at least every week.

Youngest or not, Stacey has been teaching swimming for over nine years now, she is a fully qualified Lifeguard and holds ASA and STA Level 1 and 2 Teaching Certificates,  Adult and Child Certification plus STA Emergency Pool.  She is also a member of the Institute of Swimming and fully CRB checked



Meet and Greet

Our very own little girl, who makes us laugh as she wants to be involved in everything, especially meeting and greeting all of the new children and organising the Aqua Aerobics ladies.