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Adult's Swimming Lessons

Rusalka Swim School  offers swimming lessons for adults of all ages and ability, from absolute non-swimmers and improvers, right up to those who may be looking for expert analysis on their current stroke technique and/or improvement up to whatever level.

Unlike some adult swim classes, we will never guarantee that you will be swimming perfectly within a specific unrealistic timescale, as everyone is different.  However, we always offer total privacy, along with special care and understanding to all, particularly those who are nervous of the water for whatever reason, or who may have suffered a bad experience in the past.  

Our Swimming Programme follows the Amateur Swimming Association of Great Britain (ASA) National Plan for Teaching Swimming but can be tailor made to suit the individual needs of any swimmer. Short intensive courses can be provided or alternatively a longer course with a programme of exercises and drills that can be practised in your local pool, in between tuition sessions, if preferred.   No-one has to 'sign up' for a set number of lessons, the whole learning process can be flexible and  structured to individual needs, ability, budget and whenever practically possible, timescales.

Recently, we have seen a big increase in interest regarding training for and taking part in Triathlon competitions,  accordingly we find ourselves helping more and more Girls and Guys improve their general overall ability in the Swimming discipline of this multiple stage endurance competition. Three of our own Teachers are highly experienced Triathletes or Open Water swimmers and so we have a wealth of 'in-house' expertise to draw upon.

There is no age limit on our classes, if you have the desire to learn, we will teach you!  But please, don't come along expecting perhaps a leisurely cup of coffee and a chat, in your time. Our lessons are intensive and thorough, to get you swimming confidently and well in the shortest possible time, but always within your own comfort and ability levels.

All Adult Lessons are currently conducted by Yulia , Bekki and Alex.

Go on, don't put it off any longer,  make the call  -   and surprise yourself !


"Your local, highly qualified, private Swim School - where every child is personally known,
appreciated and cared about"

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"I cannot thank Yulia at Rusalka enough.  For a number of years I have had a fear of water following a swimming 'mishap' when I was a child. Due to developing a love of sailing, I now realised how much I was missing out ! Yulia, has in just 3 visits, got me gliding and indeed actually swimming ! She has built my confidence up so much !   All in all, I wish I'd plucked up the courage sooner.  Yulia, you're a star and thank you so very much for your kindness and your determination."
Mrs L.C.
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"Thanks to Yulia's patient and expert coaching, I have become a proficient swimmer at the age of 70.  I enjoyed the highly professional lessons conducted in a private and warm relaxed environment. I would recommend Rusalka swim School to anyone wishing to learn or simply improve their swimming skills."
Mrs C. S.
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"I was so nervous when I booked my first swimming lesson at Rusalka, at the age of 63,  but I was immediately put at ease and made to feel so important and so welcome. From then on it just got better and better, finally enabling me to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, snorkelling with my Grandchildren in Brisbane, Australia.  I never believed it possible and I don't think I can ever thank you enough."
Alice Courtney

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