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Aqua Aerobics

Rusalka's Aqua Aerobics classes compliment our swimming tuition programme to help Mums, plus others in the local community, to enjoy in-water exercises at convenient times within an overall busy lifestyle.

The main feature and indeed advantage to be gained by coming to us is that, unlike 99% of Leisure Centres, we offer a unique 'Deep Water' aqua fitness programme held in small classes and in complete privacy in modern surroundings. You won't  find many other locations in the area offering you this style of  aqua aerobics classes, due to the lack of suitable deep water pools.  

Why we believe our AquaAerobics classes to be so wonderfully different  is due to the fact that exercising in deep water gives you a total body workout using water resistance only, thus fully eliminating impact and stress on any of your joints. Like swimming, it's excellent for all-round health and fitness, it exercises your heart and lungs and boosts your cardiovascular system. It improves muscle tone and strength fast and it's also great for getting some flexibility back into stiff or painful joints with no danger of any percussion damage, because your body weight is totally supported by the water.

Don't worry, you don't have to be a good swimmer because throughout the duration of the session you will be provided with a buoyancy belt which will fit snugly around your waist to keep you upright and afloat during all exercises. We will also provide you with a pair of snug neoprene Swim Gloves that create water resistance to make it harder for you to pull your arms through the water, thus strengthening your upper body muscles.

Anyone can enrol, but you will have to notify us of any health issues you may have prior to starting any course of sessions.

Classes have a water duration time of 45 minutes and are held weekly on certain evenings and late mornings.  There will only ever be a maximum of eight in the pool and no other pool activities ever take place at the same time. Privacy is always assured as there is no public viewing gallery !   

And the music's good too !

What are you waiting for ?


"Your local, highly qualified, private Swim School - where every child is personally known,
appreciated and cared about"

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"I have enjoyed aqua aerobics with Rusulka for many years; they are extremely friendly, small classes and the teacher's individual attention ensures  that the  particular needs or fitness of clients are always met. The exercise is great but it is made even more special by the laughter!"
Anthea H.
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"I'm no good at Gyms - and I have tried a number of them !    Aqua aerobics is the best exercise and the most fun I have found!   I really enjoy Rusalka's aqua aerobics classes, they are sociable and lively, and an excellent work out. The teachers are positive  and encouraging. It's very personal, each person is working at their own pace and level of difficulty. The variety of times in the week make it easy to fit with my work. The group is very supportive with a wide age range.  Thank you so much Yulia, for providing this brilliant class!"
Rachel B.
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"I have absolutely loved taking part in the weekly Aqua Aerobics classes - it has very much become a way of life for me and there is no other class that I have stuck to year after year. Each week I know that it will give me peace of mind, as well as a good work out, while I take to the water fully equipped with special gloves and flotation belt. As the music takes over my mind, the water encompasses my body and the next 40 minutes are purely for me. All my daily worries become less significant as the class progresses. The teacher is also fantastic, with positive energy and vibes, so much so that by the time I am ready to go home I feel fulfilled and in a positive state of well being.  I love these classes!"
Gwen W

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