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Club Classes

For children who have reached ASA Stage 7 and above, Rusalka offers what we call our 'Club Classes',  where we look to continually improve each student's stroke technique,  development , endurance and fitness.

During these lessons we also concentrate more on 'Competition Starts', fully utilising our top level  Fina International approved starting block, that is permanently fixed to the poolside  adjacent to our deep end.

In addition to 'Starts' we also teach the children how to 'Tumble Turn' in both Freestyle and Backstroke modes, the latter being enhanced more by having permanent Backstroke flags set above the pool and at the correct distance, namely 5 metres,  from the deep end wall.

 We strive to provide  an exciting true Club training experience for our swimmers,  offering them a super, warm, uncrowded training facility which makes them both aware and gives them good experience of all that they could find at any gala or swimming competition Rusalka's purpose designed Number One pool lends itself perfectly to these classes, having an overall length of 12.5 metres and a deep end of 3 metres.

Working with a maximum class size of just six children in the pool at any one time, we also teach the children lane discipline which is another skill that they should also be expected to understand and adhere to at any Lane Swimming sessions offered by local Leisure Centres, or indeed any Swimming  Club they may look to move onto in the future.


"Your local, highly qualified, private Swim School - where every child is personally known,
appreciated and cared about"

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"Matt really looks forward to his lessons in Rusalka's Club classes, and is quickly becoming a much stronger swimmer. He particularly enjoys the challenge of swimming longer distances and practising tumble turns. Thanks so much ! "
 Kate Guyver
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"After 5 years at Rusalka Swim School I thought my daughter would stop at Club Class but on the contrary she is enjoying her swimming more than ever due to the variety and professionalism of the lessons, and she is still learning new skills and having fun."
Julie Riggott
Darren Saunders
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"Our daughter Phoebe just loves her 'Club Classes' at Rusalka , in particular getting the opportunity to use such a fantastic racing starting block, just the same as those you see at major swim meets! She didn't want the commitment of joining a competitive swim club but, with Yulia's expert help, she still left all others in her wake at her recent inter school gala !  Thank you so much for giving her such a wonderful and valuable life skill.  Go Rusalka ! "
Emily Rhymes

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