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Here at Rusalka we're different  because,  we don't hire a school pool here - or a hotel pool there, in fact right from Day One we have always OWNED our own modern, purpose built, heated indoor teaching pool complex !   And now, what makes that even better is - we have TWO of them !   

Since we first opened, in May 2005, we have lost just three days in total due to technical issues beyond our immediate control and four days, on one occasion, due to heavy snow.   We believe this reliability record alone is certainly one to be proud of but now, with the recent addition of our second new pool, we feel this gives us an even greater ability to cope with any unexpected  technical problems that might ever occur.

At 31'C, in both of our pools, our beautifully clean and safe pool water  is much warmer than that of Leisure Centres and indeed most school or hotel pools, thus making the whole learning experience far more comfortable and enjoyable for all. Secure, free, private off road parking is provided adjacent to both pools and there is seating available inside of each for parents to watch and monitor the progress of their little ones, plus giving them any moral support that may be felt necessary.

Naturally,  both of our pools  have commercial filtration systems with the respective correct size pipework,  a very important feature that you won't find on what are essentially 'Home' or 'Domestic' leisure pools used by some.  The heating systems are top of the range, high efficiency, purpose built commercial units with fully automatic control systems that  regulate the water temperature, the internal building temperature and the internal building humidity levels for both pools. Our filtration, pumps and heaters run 24/7/365 ensuring warm,  clean water at all times.  Just imagine having our Gas and Electricity Bills !

Our Number One pool features a superb Competition Starting Block, plus correctly positioned Backstroke Flags available for the more advanced swimmers use at all times.

Set in a beautiful, quiet, rural countryside location, with panoramic views over the Solent to the Isle of Wight, each of our pool complexes has a welcoming carpeted hall area with a shoe rack provided for the depositing of all shoes before entering any of the wet areas which consist of the changing rooms and of course the main pool areas. There is a 'box of toys'  in these hall areas where siblings or other toddlers may be safely left to play whilst your children are in the pool for their lesson.  In each pool,  the door from this hall  into the pool area has safety glass forming the top half so that we and you can monitor all activity in the hall and any comings or goings to and from it.  

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our well equipped, separate changing rooms for boys and girls, colour coded identically in both pools and each featuring warm modern showers, WC and H&C  hand basin facilities. The maximum temperature of the hot water is regulated far away in each of our plant rooms, well out of the way of little  hands and this hot water is supplied to each changing room via a large pressurised storage tank, also situated in each plant room.  Thus  enabling a ready supply of hot water to be available at all times, without having to wait whilst cold water in the pipes works its' way through.   

Since the building of our Number One pool, we have been included within the boundaries of the South Downs National Country Park. As technology and building practices have developed we chose to construct our new Number Two pool in a more environmentally friendly way throughout ,  choosing then to finish it in oak cladding taken from sustainable forests in Europe.  Our insulation has been installed over and above the required UK standard and we have  the latest modern technology condensing gas boilers installed.


"Your local, highly qualified, private Swim School - where every child is personally known,
appreciated and cared about"

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"… the pool is always kept beautifully clean - it is always so well cared for and very professionally run. This swim school definitely deserves recognition ! "
Mrs Jo Martin
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"….and I feel I just have to mention the pools. We all thought your first pool was fantastic, where Ben learned all four strokes so competently and quickly, his progress was truly amazing!  Your second pool now compliments this beautifully and Kristina instantly loved it there and cannot wait to come back each week.  You truly deserve every success."
Michelle Thorne
West Meon
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"The teachers at Rusalka have a fantastic rapport with the children and are able to get the very best from them. On top of this the facilities are exceptional, the changing rooms are of a very high standard and are always so clean. The pool is beautiful and again, always so clean. I recommend this school to many friends, all of whom have also been delighted like me"
Sarah Kirby