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Rusalka Painting Competition Winners !

"This was a much harder competition to judge than I ever expected, all of the entries were to a very high standard and the children not mentioned below should still feel proud of the work they submitted, it was a sterling job. They all did very well indeed and I am so glad all of them will receive a prize for their super efforts.


As the standard generally was so good, I am so pleased that Yulia and Graham have decided to include an extra 'Runner Up' prize of a super pair of Aquasphere swimming goggles to be awarded within each category."



Louise Reed 

Media Lecturer and Course Manager

Department of Arts, Design and Media

South Downs College





5 yrs and Under Category



Rosie Burton


Rosie produced a really bright and imaginative picture showing her swimming and feeling just like a Mermaid, she added the words to underline this also. Using both paint and matching glitter together,  across the whole workspace, Rosie put a great deal of creative effort into portraying just how she feels when swimming at Rusalka



Equal Second Place

Freya Beavis & Nevaeh Dunmore-Simkins  


 Freya  created a very colourful image that stands out with the imaginative use of colour - she has used the whole workspace and this is a creative interpretation for a 5 year old


 Nevaeh has drawn a picture of the class - who are described as friends,  and gives a great sense of fun all matched with a colourful interpretation.



Special Runner Up Award


For the 5 yr and under category, this prize goes to  Grace Sagar, who painted a Mermaid and Dolphin - a very colourful image that I feel shows a wonderful imaginative interpretation of good swimmers 


I feel that special mention and feedback should be given to the twins Ailsa and Eloise Hall for their use of mixed media ( glitter and sparkles ) I really couldn’t decide between them and just could not  pick one over the other as I  liked them both a lot - they were very pretty. And also to 6 1/2 month old William Ball for the abstract quality of his painting - I liked this one a lot too !  




6 yrs and Over Category



Clara Evans de Cespedes 


A great deal of thought and effort went into this ‘Under Sea’ interpretation and I felt the drawing, use of colour, composition and attention to detail was outstanding for a 9 year old



Equal Second Place  

Wesley Barclay & Emily Woodruffe 


Wesley's picture features so much good attention to detail whilst showing a wonderful overview of his swimming lesson which looks to be busy and full of fun.


  Emily's interpretation of a ‘view through the door’  I liked very much.  Her different take on this, clearly showing that this is what she sees when she comes in,  shows very creative thinking matched with fine artistic ability. 



Special Runner Up Award 


The additional special prize in this category goes to the youngest of the four main prize winners, namely Ella Harper - Bourne who painted a very colourful picture of her swimming lessons underway. I particularly like the way she has used her blues, cyans and magentas to give the feel of movement in the water.  Very creative work for a 7 year old. 



Winners pictures will be scanned and displayed in both pools as well as here on our Rusalka Website and our Facebook page.