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Underwater Photography

You won't find us saying that we're "The Best Underwater Photographers in the Country" - we'll leave that kind of thing to others. However, we have been doing this for a long time, all over the world, for some very big clients and in many different ways, so we do like to think that we're quite good at it. Furthermore, it is another truly unique thing about Rusalka Swim School in that our Underwater Photographic capability and service is performed for you totally "in-house" by an International award winning cameraman, who just happens to be one of the owners. This, as opposed to bringing in an indifferent independent photographic company who travel around the country to various Swim Schools and who do not personally know any of the babies or children taking part in the shoot .

How many times have you seen, on other sites, that they offer the services of "award winning underwater photographers"? Yet amazingly they never tell you anything about their 'awards' ? Well, we offer you a truly professional service, also from an award winning underwater cameraman, only we will tell you what he has won... Namely a Palm d'Or (Gold award) at the World Festival of Underwater Imagery in Antibes, which is a bit like 'The Oscars' for underwater photographers. There are a few others also plus many Magazine Front Covers too, but that one is as big as they come ! (Please check out Graham's bio within our 'About' page on this website.)

Taking dynamic pictures of swimmers, of all ages, is our speciality. Just take a look at the impressive list of some of our former clients including major swimming related companies such as Diana, Speedo, Arena, Zoggs, TYR, Aquasphere, The ASA, 220 Triathlon, Swimathon and The Woodchester Group

Even so, before choosing us as the underwater photographers to capture such unique images of your little one, please take a look at some of the other websites and adverts in magazines, supposedly offering you the 'same'. See how dark and foreboding the water around the child often appears, and how 'bright' the baby's skin often is, all combined with poses that frequently look awkward ... And then, take a look at ours ! The reason, sadly, is quite simple. Underwater Photography for Babies and Children has become very 'trendy' now and so, along come those who, because they may be able to take a reasonable picture on the surface, think they can just simply do the same underwater. In most cases, they can't ! These people often use small cameras with fixed narrow lenses, in low price waterproof housings, relying on a single, camera mounted underwater flash to provide all of the illumination - the results are usually very poor, as can be seen if you look around. Don't be fooled by being told this is a sacrifice you have to accept for being underwater - it certainly is not !

Here at Rusalka, we only use top of the range professional camera equipment, contained in sophisticated underwater housings that are specific to only that model of Nikon Pro camera body - and these housings are even more expensive than the actual camera bodies themselves ! We always work beneath the surface using scuba equipment, allowing the photographer to remain in position underwater indefinitely! Being somewhat unique in owning our own pool complexes enables us far greater flexibility during our baby and children underwater photography sessions too, for example, we always light the pool beforehand using our own powerful HMI TV/Film lighting, giving the effect of beautiful clear blue water, as if lit by the natural sun. Having designed and built our pools, we have deliberately been able to incorporate features beneficial to underwater photography also. For example, our pool is entirely plain blue, thus removing any possibility of showing unsightly tile patterns in the background, or the need use pieces of material to cover them up and there are no sharp corners anywhere. The building is also electrically wired to permit the safe use of such powerful TV lighting within it. Furthermore, the crew you get is always our 'Number One Team', in fact, of course, it is our only team, because that is the only way we operate.

Yulia will be in the water with you, during every session, using her invaluable and extensive experience to assist and position each child in accordance with their individual safe ability level. Neither they, nor you, will ever be put under any pressure due to fixed and limited session timings that you may otherwise feel when you are in a pool that is merely being rented. If the session runs over time, it runs over time, no-one worries - it is our pool and facility.

After your session, your images will be individually assessed, post produced and configured for your viewing and selection.

Our fees are extremely reasonable and what's more, we don't charge the earth for additional prints, CD's or other forms of display mediums either! And please remember, your child does not have to swim at Rusalka to be able to attend one of our Underwater Photography sessions, all are most welcome, although we will need to know details of your child's underwater ability.

So, if you live in southern Hampshire or the surrounding areas, why risk it ? We are the only reputable and highly professional local company with such a wealth of past experience offering you this total package fully 'in-house' !

There's really only one choice for you to make !

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